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"This is to confirm that Danielle Webb of Mainstay Business Management and her staff have assisted my company BT Gems Pty Ltd trading as Opal Gallery with management and business support, reporting and compliance issues, legal and accounting liaison, immigration monitoring and assistance to our migration agent, various training initiatives and training program development, and general attendance to the company's business activities where required over the past 15 years since the purchase of the business.

Danielle and the services she and her business provides to our retail and export activities have become an integral part of our operations, and I continue to have the utmost respect for her integrity, professionalism, commercial experience and abilities.

Danielle works in closely with our accountants and lawyers to assist them in any matters pertaining to tax and accounting, and legal matters such as leasing, contracts etc. Because of her previous experience in our industry and in the actual business also, Danielle is able to quickly comprehend issues affecting our business and can also look more broadly at the needs of a retail and export outlet with a strong focus on a very particular market, (Japanese inbound customers that shop at our Surfers Paradise store and attend our overseas exhibitions).

Danielle and her staff were also instrumental in developing and progressing another major activity (wine export) for my other company AT Export Pty Ltd. The activities of sourcing wine and developing brands, labels etc began in 2003 from scratch. Again because of her hotel and licensee background as well as strong contacts in the hospitality industry she was able to help drive the project to a successful export business, where it was profitable and sending upwards of 40 pallets a year to Japan.

Danielle's strong commercial background coupled with the TAFE lecturing, university tutoring, and training experiences have proved extremely relevant to our business and training needs. She is able to communicate effectively with our Japanese staff, even when language issues occur. She is patient and welcoming in her approach, which is important particularly for new staff who can be somewhat shy and unsure.

Her ability to accurately assess the particular training needs of the business coupled with developing the relevant training programs for the identified participants, continues to be of extreme value to our operation. She developed an in-house Certificate Ill in Retail Supervision course tailored to our business, our variety of staffing needs, and which then received accreditation in line with the National Retail Association.

In the time that we have known and worked with Danielle and her staff, we have found them to be very professional and conscientious with a very practical and commercial approach to all tasks that are undertaken. Danielle is open and honest, utilising great communication skills and an ability to bridge many cultural and knowledge boundaries with ease. She does not play sides and gives an objective, forthright view to situations especially where parties can be at odds. Our staff have a great respect for Danielle in her work and as a person, finding her approachable and helpful.

I have also recommended her and the services provided by her business to several of our colleagues, and at this point she continues to also do work for them and in conjunction with them on various projects.

Should you have any queries regarding the above please do not hesitate to contact me on 07 5538 0666."

H Kojima

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